Informacje o firmie

ADATA was founded in 2001 with a staff of twenty and one unified ambition: to become an industry leader in memory solutions through innovation and distinctively designed products. This simple formula, combined with the speed and determination with which it was implemented by that small team, was a resounding success. Even by the accelerated standards of the technology industry, ADATA’s growth was striking, with sales surpassing one billion U.S. dollars in less than 5 years.

By the time the company took its place as a major force in the industry, the name ADATA had become synonymous with creativity and market agility. The same determined spirit on which the business was founded had endured, and come to permeate all segments of the now much larger company. When the demands of global business gave rise to the need for the creation of a symbol, one that could symbolize the unique attributes of the company and the brand, the Hummingbird icon was born.

The striking design and the vivid colors of this bold new logo reflect the characteristics that imbue and strengthen the ADATA brand. Like the energy and speed of a hummingbird, ADATA responds to new consumer needs with speed and agility. Exploring all possibilities in the pursuit of diverse and stylish products, ADATA helps customers enrich and cherish their most loved memories of the past, their present digital life, and their dreams of the future.

This brand story does not end here. It is still being written by all those who have chosen to make ADATA a part of their lives. There are always new challenges, new technologies, and new bridges to be built between communities and cultures around the world, in the universal drive to fulfill the Love, Life, & Dreams shared by all.